Back to Earth Energy Presents Lightweight and Energy Efficient High Bay LED Lighting

Canada – 2nd January, 2014 - Back to Earth Energy, Inc, a leading manufacturer of industrial LED lighting in North America, assists large industrial and commercial customers by providing highly efficient, lightweight high bay LED lightingfor diverse applications. With the mission of reducing their carbon footprint, the company specializes in manufacturing robust, energy efficient, and long-lasting industrial lighting fixturesthat deliver a fantastic value and superior performance.


High bay LED fixtures manufactured by Back to Earth Energy can be used for diverse industrial applications such as indoor overhead crane or high bay. Conforming to the latest manufacturing standards and energy efficient certifications, LED high bay lightingprovides superior light quality equivalent to 400 watt HID but with less energy consumption rate. At the same time, the fixtures present 24,300 initial lumens with diverse beam angle options to deliver excellent lighting for industrial and commercial spaces.


The high-powered chipset of 135 lumens per watt offers superior brightness, and is strategically designed to eliminate safety issues while providing unmatched illumination quality in highly productive environments. It delivers efficacy equivalent to a 400 watt bulb but with only an 180 watt energy consumption rate. Hence, highbay LED lightingfrom Back to Earth Energy can cut down the energy consumption rate by up to 60%, delivering more light with more efficiency.


In comparison to conventional bulbs, LED lights emit a lower amount of heat and harmful chemicals. Innovative heat sink design promotes the rate of heat dissipation, thus, guaranteeing extended lamp life. At the same time, high bay LED lights are easy to setup and come with a simple plug-and-play installation feature. Furthermore, LED industrial lighting fixturesare typically manufactured light in weight, less than 18 pounds, and can be mounted with the aid of a hook or bracket for ease of installation.


LED high bay lightingfrom Back to Earth Energy is one of the most dependable industrial fixtures and an effective energy-efficient solution for overhead and high bay applications.


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LED in Action is a leader among the North American industrial LED lighting manufacturers. The company has positioned itself to assist large commercial and industrial customers with the most current LED lighting solutions. They provide a wide selection of warehouse lighting fixtures including industrial light fixtures and LED warehouse lighting products.



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