Debbie Allen, International Business and Brand Strategist shares Marketing tips in “Collaboration Economy”

An international business and brand strategist Debbie Allen shares marketing tips in “Collaboration Economy” which is written by John Spencer Ellis and Topher Morrison. The aim of this book is to help small and new entrepreneurs expanded piece of share in industry through partnerships.

Collaboration Economy written by the fitness guru ‘John Spencer Ellis’ and Mass Communication expert ‘Topher Morrison’. The focus of the book is on the power of collaboration for any entrepreneur to be successful in his/her field. Book is available on May 6, 2014

The authors have amazingly identified the changing economy of current era. They have wonderfully balanced the value of collaboration throughout the span of the book. They have incorporated several interviews, expert’s tips throughout the book for guiding the readers on how to start a small business.

Allen feels, “We would not have had the level of success, experiences and the opportunities without wonderful collaborations with the right people” she went on to add “Always stay true to yourself and what you want the right people will appear. Powerful and amazing people will appear and then they say ‘Come and play’, get ready”

Ellis and Morrison collaborated with a variety of experts in creating “Collaboration Economy”. Their interviews have been incorporated in the book that helps small business owners understand the new economy.

Just a few pre release copy of this business start up book is being made available for the buyers for a better overview. Pre press copy of the book is available for free at for only the cost of shipping and handling. The pre release copy of the book has already created huge impact in the market.

Collaboration Economy keeps tabs on how to make a business more effective, frictionless transactions, new sales models, what’s to come in future economy, turning into a big name in the business. It is written by John Spencer Ellis and Topher Morrison. Debbie Allen, one of the top three percent professional women speakers in the world, an award winning entrepreneur and bestselling author of five books has provided her valuable marketing tips in the book. The forward of the book is penned down by Kevin Harrington of ABC’s Shark Tank who is also acknowledged as the pioneer of the “infomercial” industry.

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Since 1989, Morrison has trained tens of thousands of people worldwide, and is acclaimed as an expert in mass communication. Dr. Morrison is internationally recognized for his columns on leadership through speaking, keynoted and media training and the author of the bestselling book, “Stop Chasing Perfection and SETTLE FOR EXCELLENCE” which is being hailed as the self-help book for people who are tired of self help books.


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