The Facebook Newsroom: Branding, PR Converge Where it Counts

One of the most popular features of the PitchEngine publishing platform is the Facebook Newsroom, an app that integrates a real-time, branded newsroom with any Facebook Page.

Instead of relying solely on a cover photo and your latest two or three updates, the Facebook Newsroom enables brands to provide more discovery from their Facebook Page. Visitors who are looking for more information about your brand get an updated stream of news that's packaged by in-house communications teams or PR pros.

"At first, it was just a way to make Facebook Pages more engaging and provide more utility," said Jason Kintzler, Founder and CEO of PitchEngine.

"It has grown into a way for communications professionals to interact with an important social channel without needed admin access and for PR firms to be more sticky with clients," he said.

Brands like DreamWorks Animation use the Facebook Newsroom to share PR announcements automatically each time they publish via PitchEngine.

The Facebook Newsroom is now available to all PitchEngine subscribers. It can be accessed and installed via the "integrations" tab inside your brand dashboard. 

If you'd like to start publishing modern PR and marketing content and get your own Facebook Newsroom, you can do so now by visiting If you need help, drop us a line on live chat or by email: