Graphic Design Company Reveals Revolutionary Web Design Process

Arizona – January, 2014. Worldwide Optimize, a graphic design company as well as an SEO agency, has revealed a unique approach to web design that’s virtually unique in the industry. The SEO Phoenix agency offers three steps to the web design process that’s intended to be very effective and practical as well as elegant and creative.

Its first step is about discovery and focus. They concentrate on the goals of the client and they anticipate their needs. In this stage, site mapping is begun and the professionals also identify the crucial content and the key user tasks. From these, all else will flow.

The second stage involves brainstorming and sketching. The various content user actions are prioritized, and the layouts are visualized through design sketches. This is followed by the digital wire framing of the site layout.

The final stage is design and production. To produce the final design, imagery, colors, and typography are explored in their various combinations. This is then followed by web production with W3C standards, and ends with programming and integration.

All these stages in sequence address the key fundamentals of coming up with a web design that’s usable, elegant, and utterly unique.

About Worldwide Optimize

This SEO Phoenix-based company offers a wide variety of web design services for all manners of companies all over the world. Their clients include a wide variety of business enterprises such as airlines, ecommerce websites, and real estate agencies. They offer website design services such as graphic design and online video production, and web development services like flash action scripting, third party integration, and mobile apps. As an SEO agency, they also offer online strategy advice for blogs, forums, and social media integration. For more information, please visit

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