Prevention Management of Wyoming partners with Shortgo

Prevention Management of Wyoming (PMO) - Laramie County has joined on as Shortgo’s most recent Community Partner. PMO is dedicated to strengthening the prevention efforts around alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and suicide in our community.

“We want a healthier Wyoming, free of suicide, chronic disease and the abuses of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs,” said Mikki Munson, PMO Community Prevention Professional. “Shortgo provides a platform that allows us to authentically reach residents in our community with our message of prevention.”

As a Community Partner to Shortgo, PMO will be publishing safety related content that is served up to over 5,000 daily readers. “Our vision continues to be that we want to connect our community by empowering it’s influencers” said PitchEngine COO, Fabian Lobera. “PMO is an influencer in community health and safety. That makes them a perfect partner for us as we jointly move forward providing local news and information that benefits Laramie County.”

Join us in thanking your newest member of the Community Partner Family – Prevention Management of Wyoming - Laramie County.
Laramie county PMO.png