Successful Crossover Actor/Stuntman CHRIS GANN Delivers Dual Impact in New Horror Film “THE CHOSEN”


LOS ANGELES (July 21, 2015) – Successful crossover Actor/Stuntman CHRIS GANN epitomizes a new breed of Hollywood performer, delivering both acting chops and skillful stunts. Once again, Gann showcases his dual talents with his latest role in the new indie horror film THE CHOSEN. Then later this year, Gann guest stars in TNT’s highly-anticipated new drama series AGENT X; and lends his support to the indie comedy film, MIDDLE MAN.

Releasing on Vimeo On Demand beginning July 24th, THE CHOSEN stars YouTuber Kian Lawley as a young man who must decide to end the lives of six family members to save his niece from the demon possessing her. Gann steps into the storyline as Uncle Joey, an ex-Marine who finds himself a faltering father figure to his nephew (Lawley).

This fall, Gann steps into action as a Secret Service Agent protecting the President for an episode of the all-new TNT drama, AGENT X. Written by William Blake Herron (The Bourne Identity) with award-winning actress Sharon Stone starring and executive producing, AGENT X centers around a top secret agent ready to serve and protect the country at the careful discretion of the Vice President (Stone).

Gann also recently wrapped a supporting role in Ned Crowley’s upcoming indie comedy, MIDDLE MAN. The laugher stars Jim O’Hair (Parks And Recreation) as Lenny Freeman, a straight-laced, dull accountant who dreams of becoming a famous stand-up comedian. Gann joins the tale as an overzealous military fanatic haunting Freeman throughout his life and dreams.

Gann is thrilled by the "I have had the opportunity to work with, so many great leading men, and amazing actors. We end up spending a lot of time together on set. You can learn so much just by watching and listening.”

As an actor, fans will recognize Gann from several recent television appearances, including a guest starring role on MTV’s popular TEEN WOLF, the final season of ABC’s fan-favorite REVENGE, and the season finale episode of ABC’s mega-hit drama SCANDAL. Gann has over 25 television guest starring roles and 30 film roles under his belt, including his breakout role in XXX starring Vin Diesel, and then later reuniting again for THE PACIFIER.

Behind the scenes, Gann has built a solid reputation in the industry as a stunt double for some of Hollywood’s biggest leading men. These credits include doubling for Liev Shreiber in RAY DONOVAN, Sasha Roiz in GRIMM, Jon Hamm in MAD MEN, and Benjamin Bratt in THE CLEANER among others. As a stuntman, Chris earned a Screen Actors Guild nomination for his work in TRANSFORMERS: DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, and a Taurus Award nomination “Best Fight” for 300 BATTLE OF AN EMPIRE.

Originally from Reno, Nevada, Gann first made a name for himself in the world of professional Jet Ski racing. His fearlessness paid off, earning him numerous world, national and regional titles in the sport. It didn’t take long for Hollywood to take note of the famed daredevil and it was a short leap into the entertainment stuntman arena.

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