foodtweeks Launches New Blog on Independence Day to Free Families from Hunger

Free weight management app provides new option for interacting; foodtweeks users make the Fourth of July healthier while feeding hungry families.

STAMFORD, CT, July 04, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- foodtweeks, a free app that combines weight control with feeding the hungry, announced that foodtweeks will be launching a new blog to keep users updated with anything from new recipes to local food bank activities. In a new way to help feed hungry families in the U.S. with a growing base of users and the support of partner food banks across the country, this app will make a difference in peoples' lives everyday.

The blog will update readers with exciting new "tweeks" to recipes, update active members of the foodtweeks family on other campaigns and food banks, as well as continue to draw attention to the amount of calories donated. Donating calories by using the app is free to users. All a person needs to do is tweek calories out of their food and foodtweeks makes a donation to a local food bank that provides the same number of nutritious calories to feed hungry families.

"foodtweeks makes it possible for weight-conscious consumers to serve their communities by feeding the hungry all while cutting calories from their favorite foods in an easy, enjoyable way," said Elisa Shannon, foodtweeks Executive Vice President of Partnership Development.

Now by launching the blog on the Fourth of July the foodtweeks app will make staying in touch with their community's needs, managing weight, and donating healthy calories to food banks even easier. There will even be some juicy tips for suggesting better choices for the spread on Independence Day.

To keep communities informed about their unique approach to weight management and foodtweeks's simple interface, the blog will help alert active community members to download and use the app for their benefit and the benefit of their neighbors. Providing users with a information about the app such as the fact that all they need do is tell the app what food they are thinking of buying, eating or preparing, and instantly, images of suggested tweeks will appear to suggest small changes to their meal, consumers will see the benefit of the app.

Whether it be for shopping at the grocery store, eating at a favorite restaurant or cooking a meal at home, without changing the taste or leaving the user hungry the app will provide numerous ways to remove calories for a healthier meal from its banks of over 44,000 crowdsourced images of tweeks.

The blog will provide easier access to information about the app, the donations and the tastiest ways to improve users' choices. For instance, posting a tweek on Facebook or Twitter doubles or triples each donation. By removing 100 calories from a favorite cookie recipe, consumers can donate as much as 300 calories just by posting to social media.

foodtweeks is a product of Walker Health Labs, designers of commercial solutions that also make a difference for big social problems.

Jay Walker, the inventor of foodtweeks, is also the chairman of Patent Properties and curator of TEDMED, the health and medicine edition of the famous TED conference. A noted entrepreneur, Mr. Walker has founded three companies that serve more than 50 million customers. He is best known as the creator of Priceline, which brought a new level of value to the travel industry.

foodtweeks is a free mobile phone app that helps people better manage their weight while feeding the hungry at the same time. Its goal is to change the way people view their food while ending food insecurity in America.

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