HMK Productions Opens Office in Hollywood

Helena Karadimos is a film Producer and Director. She writes and creates her own independent film scripts; from short films to features films, animation films, along with reality television shows. Passionate and self-motivated Karadimos made it to Hollywood from Melbourne, Australia. 

She is a individual that strives for excellence and possesses strong writing, technical, analytical and networking skills enabling me to work on a board range of film and music productions.

Karadimos also creates and directs music video clips for all genres. I receive regular offers to be the driving force behind the creative process of other individuals production projects.

She owns and operates her own independent film making company (H.M.K. Film Productions Corporation). My production company provides the following services: Production, Directing, Creative development of scripts, video-photography, photography and editing of both footage and photos.

"Lost In A Trance” has recently accomplished in wining a merits Award for the Indiefest Film Awards. Along with the winners of another award for “Broken Angels” in the World Film Awards where I was personally invited to fly out to Jakarta to receive my award.

She recently completed writing her third feature film which I am in the process of screening to various productions houses to raise capital. Meanwhile I continue to working on writing my comedy feature film script that will be completed by mid year of 2014. Also working on my animation film trailer ‘666 Has Fallen”, which will be completed by March.

Her work experience in Melbourne, Australia covers the spectrum of Production, Directing and editing music video clips for numerous artists that have flown in from the U.S.A and U.K. along with producing and directing my own short films. Some projects I worked on have been on a volunteer basis.

August- 2014 - “Lost In A Trance”

IndieFEST Film Awards
Award Of Merit - Experimental

June- 2014 - “Broken Angels”

World Film Awards
Award Of Merits
Best International Award

-2014- Current- Lost In A Trance - Melbourne, Australia - Executive Producer
- Producer
- Writer
- Director

-2013- Broken Angels - Melbourne, Australia

- Executive Producer - Producer
- Writer
- Director

- Main Actor
- Editor
Won Merit Award for best International Film H.M.K. Film Productions

-2013- J- Wess - Get Down - Music Video - Melbourne, Australia

- Producer
- Costume Stylist
- 1st Assistant Direcot - Camera Assistant

-2013- Sizwe Manaka - Dance Video - Melbourne, Australia

- Executive Producer - Producer
- Writer
- Director

- Supporting Act - Editor
- Set Designer

-2012- Gyms Fitness Blowout - United States Of America

- Writer
- Director
- Video - Photographer

Reality show Production.

-2012- Gentlemen’s Closet - United States Of America

- Producer
- Writer
- Director
- Created and formulated the vision and storyboard for the show
- In the process of compiling and packaging the show for sale to various networks

Reality show Production.

-2012- Big Girls Need Love Too- United States Of America

H.M.K. Film Productions

- Producer
- Writer
- Director
- Filmed and edited a sizzle to pitch to networks

Currently be reviewed by a tv network to be broadcast sometimes by the end of this year.

Reality show Production.

-2013- Ada Designs - United States Of America

- Assist with creative clothing design direction and vision
- Photography for advertisements and look book and other marketing tools
- Management of business operation
- Cost Management
- Supply chain management
- Fabric Selection
- Runway show directing and production
- Produce, Directed,edited - Ada Designs - Fashion Commercial - for spring selection

-2013- Loone E Bin Entertainment - United States Of America

  • - Producer/ Production Manager

  • - Assistant Director

  • -  Edited - commercial clip for one of their clients

  • -  Developed production bible, synopsis, treatment, script, call sheets, shot list, shooting- order - for music video

    -On-going support in the above roles.

    Coming up project a reality show that I will be attached as the main Producer/Writer/Co- director.

    -2013-West One Record Label - United States Of America

    - Volunteer to record live music production and performances - Assist with concept designs
    - Photography for website that has international presence (Original photos to be published in DUBAI magazine)

    - Developed social network pages for their artists and create brand-marks and logo - Produced, Directed, Filmed short music teaser for record label advertisements

    -2011-2012 Alcatraz Night Club - Melbourne, Australia

    - Partnered in running a club on Friday nights
    - Managed DJ’s, Employee’s, Payroll, Flyers and Advertisements
    - Booked Local, Inter- State and international artists and DJ’s
    - Creative Designs and theme
    - Produced/Directed/edited a short commercial for the branded night - Managed Social Media

  • -  Assisted with the conceptualization and artistic direction for make - up and styling, special effects.

  • -  Improved time-management skills due to limited location time.

  • -  15-16 Hour days

  • -  Successfully completed and in final stages of editing

  • -  Finished product will be sent to various film festivals.

    -2011- L.A. Music Artist- Manager - Melbourne, Australia

    - Produced, Directed and edited music video clips - Video-photographer
    - Managed live performances
    - Arranged flyer designs and productions

    - Managed social media
    - Set up website
    - Conducted photo-shoots
    - Arranged flights, accommodation and transportation for performance - Arranged interviews with various media
    - Time management artist schedule
    - Arranged deadlines for albums and mix-tape to be released

    -2011- J.Black Out Productions - Melbourne, Australia

    - CEO and Marketing Manager
    - Organized Events
    - Conducted successful promotions of clubs and concerts - Assisted with the choreography of dance routines
    - Managed dancing group
    - Arranged for the design and productions of uniforms

    Ran our own Independent dance studio. Classes ranged from; Beginners, intermediate, Experienced dancers. Studio ran three times a week.

    2009- 2010 Footscray City College FILM AND TELEVISION

    - Certificate IV -Diploma 2000- 2005 - Balwyn High School -Victorian Certificate Of Education

2012 - Alice Vs The Devil - Melbourne, Australia

  • Producer for this short film by Michael Edwards

  • Managed lighting, scene set-up


-Executive Producer
- Production Management
- Location Manager
- Production Assistant
- Creative Writer/Writer
- Casting Director
- Directing
- 1st Assistant Director
- Continuity
- Lighting /Assistant Lighting - Sound
- Set Design
- Video-photographer
- Photographer
- Editor
- Adobe programs