A perfect sunset

Sometimes we go back to those old places and moments that we thought were forgotten. This happened some days ago with one of the Paseo Maritimo areas surrounded by the Palma bay, very close to Cala Estancia and Palma beach, after the Es Carnatge wetland.

I am reviewing it here because the same thing could happen to someone else: forgetting this sea and nature corner. Now that we are enjoying this spectacular March in Majorca, do not miss walking at dusk to the Puro Beach area, where is situated the Marina Luz Hotel.

Double rooms with views to Cala Estancia

Sit on the nearby cove, forget the clock and leave the sun, descending over the Serra de Tramuntana, decide the time to come back home… If you make a little effort, you could even almost smell the summer. I swear it!

The other day, we arrived to this place by chance, after a business meeting.  We were considering drinking at the old bar Infierno –it is now remodelled, very similar to the previous one, but a bit more tourist oriented–. Menu is not excellent, but it is ideal for drinking some beers, although it is better to go in the morning when sun shines on the terrace, it is beautiful!

Hotel Marina Luz views

We ended the day travelling towards Palma, watching the sun setting, enjoying the wind freshening and the waves reviving. At the end, after that perfect sunset, cold comes to remind us this is not summer, this is March and we should wrap up… But, I went away feeling like I had travelled in time, until a sunset at the end of June.