New Technology for Health and Healing

Ion Wave Formulas is redefining the nutritional formula game, with its unique formulations designed to optimize bodily nutritional uptake. The new formulas are a result of years of research, and while pending evaluation, will be available for experimental purposes.


Ion Wave terms its new technology as revolutionary, as it has managed to produce unique formulations from super nutritionals that have profound physiological effects on the body. The imprinted water formulas make it easier for the body to absorb this nutritional information, even in instances of poor digestion or other barriers, which typically inhibit the proper intake of nutrients by the body.


The process behind Ion Waves unique formulations is one that stands out. Through careful research, the team at Ion Wave has succeeded in extracting the “vibrational signatures of superfoods, vitamins and minerals” and imprint them in water.  Unlike most other products, Ion Waves’ formulas have been shown to remain stable, and are unaffected by weather elements such as cold, heat, or exposure to light.


Human beings require proteins, carbohydrates, and the good fats for the body to thrive and grow. However, even when the whole food is consumed, the body will only absorb little of it, with rest being stored or eliminated. As a result, people tend to eat too much, with poor utilization of the nutritional components.  From Ion Waves’ point of view, nutrient dense foods of high quality, is what is needed for optimal nutrient absorption, and thus the rationale behind the Ion Wave formulas.


A comment about the water imprinting process: “Imprinting of water is not unique by any means. All water, regardless of where it is, holds memory of where it has been. The Ion Wave process difference is we clear water of its memory and then imprint it with our formula base(s). This process converts water from a neutral or sometimes harmful state into one highly beneficial to health.”


Even with Ion Wave formulas, one would still need to have a balanced diet. The formulas are not a replacement for any food that is required for bodily growth and development. Rather, the formulas help the body by providing high quality nutritional information that is often missing in a standard diet.


Currently there are four variations of specialized formulas, each with its category of benefit: well-being, liver detoxification, recovery and immune system support, and relaxation formulas. The well-being formula has anti-aging effects, helps in body detoxing, there is a general feeling of well-being associated. The liver formula is gentle on bodily systems, effectively detoxifies the liver of harmful toxic waste, and supports the kidneys throughout the process. The recovery formula is gentle on the body, and helps it recover from immune stressing types of illness. The relax formula is beneficial for persons looking to relieve stress, and tends to help with sleep.


About Ion Wave


Ion Wave formulas are a result of years of research into delivering information into the body field, and a unique proprietary process of imprinting beneficial signatures into water that the body can use for its growth and development purposes.


Ion Wave would also like to make it clear that its formulas have yet to be evaluated, and thus cannot be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The formulas are for experimental purposes only.


Ion Wave