Create Beyond Limits Free Monthly Virtual Event

Kaitlyn Mirison, an authenticity coach and founder of Create Beyond Limits is building an online community that is free and open to everyone.  Create Beyond Limits community is about providing space to gain strength in being your authentic self.  Each month Kaitlyn hosts a free virtual event with an evolving format including Q&A, mini workshops, breakout discussions and guest speakers.  All with the intention to help you hear your heart’s wisdom, liberate from limiting assumptions and illuminate the essence of you.  

"I started this company because of my deep passion to see people empowered to bring their heart to light, connect with their essence and contribute their uniqueness in the world." Kaitlyn remarks.  "This community is an extension of empowerment.  I invite you to join me in community and help build its strength by the presence of you."

The next event is Tuesday, February 4th at 6:00 pm PST.

Go to to join and receive the event details.  By joining you will also receive a free copy of Kaitlyn's ebook:  Bring Your Heart to Light.