How Much Do You Know About Door Access Control?

Door access control systems restrict access to sections of a building. This level of security is essential for any business or property that has employees, valuables or sensitive materials. The system prevents strangers, thieves and other unsavory characters from entering a private building and causing trouble.

Easy In, Easy out

Door access control systems are composed of either card readers or keypads to safeguard entrances to a building. Employees simply swipe their identification card or type in a short passcode to enter. Other available security options are biometric scanners that read a fingerprint or retina, video surveillance cameras and round the clock monitoring systems. The most advanced door access control systems offer web based monitoring of the property's entrances and exits.

Employee Monitoring

The best door access security systems will produce detailed reports that display employee activity. Door access systems are capable of tracking employee activities so that ownership and management can find out exactly where employees were in a specific part of the building at a certain time. This is especially crucial after a break in or other compromise of security has occurred. It also empowers superiors to know when their employees spend time in unauthorized areas of the building, allowing them to analyze employee productivity more easily. Be sure to select a door access control system that is capable of handling a significant number of people and doors. Certain systems will only provide coverage for a specific number of doors and users.

Extensive Measures Of Protection

Consider door access control systems that offer extensive reporting options aside from just employee monitoring. Some provide reports about the building's alarm details, open and close hours and general building security. Many door access control systems will provide monitoring for specific door events. These include instances when doors are forced open or when they are held open for an extended period of time. These events often indicate a compromise of security and the business manager or owner will want to be aware of such an event. There can be a camera placed above (or near) each door on the premises along with these unique monitors for special activities. Aside from offering door monitoring services, door access control systems can also provide auxiliary services like the unlocking of doors remotely, the programming of bell schedules or daily bulletins, the broadcasting of emergency announcements and even assistance of building visitors through off site phones.

A Proactive Line Of Defence

All of these technologies function to keep unwanted people on the outside of the building so the people and materials on the inside remain safe. It's not enough to merely rely on a surveillance camera and the first line of defence at the building's greeting area. Few receptionists are capable of stopping an intruder and the footage from a camera won't do much good after the security of the building has been compromised. Take preventative action today and install a comprehensive door access control system.

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