What’s in the Glenwood Hot Springs Water Anyway?

Have you ever wondered where Glenwood Hot Springs water comes from and what’s in it? The Yampah spring is the source of the water that fills the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool daily.

From its origination point deep within the earth, the water percolates through fractures in the bedrock formation into what’s called the Leadville aquifer. During its journey to the surface, the water is heated by the geothermal gradient in the area, and along the way it picks up minerals from the surrounding rock that when heated become dissolved in the water. 

The Yampah spring surfaces just to the east of the pool’s main entrance. It produces over 3 million gallons of water each day at a temperature of 122°F. Hot water from the spring is used to pre-heat domestic water for use throughout the property including the showers in the bathhouse. It is also used to heat the Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge and even the pool deck in winter to keep it free of snow and safe for guests. 

According to the Colorado Geological Survey, Glenwood Hot Springs contains 15 minerals in the form of dissolved solids. These include boron, calcium, chloride, sodium, sulfate, lithium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron, silica, zinc, fluoride, phosphate and nitrogen. 

When you soak, swim and play at Glenwood Hot Springs, you receive much more than a fun day of relaxation, whether you realize it or not. In fact, by immersing yourself in the spring water, you are practicing a form of hydrotherapy or balneotherapy, whereby your body absorbs trace amounts of minerals through the skin which is thought to contribute to overall health and wellbeing. For centuries, Glenwood Hot Springs’ mineral water has reportedly helped ease joint pain, calm nerves, detoxify the body and improve a variety of skin conditions. 

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Glenwood Hot Springs is a 125-year-old Colorado landmark resort located along Interstate 70 at Glenwood Springs, approximately 165 miles west of Denver and 90 miles east of Grand Junction. Famous for its enormous hot springs pools, other amenities include the Spa of the Rockies, the Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, an athletic club, a restaurant open for breakfast and lunch, a retail store specializing in swimwear and a miniature golf course, open seasonally. For more information, including press releases, a press kit, photos and a live web camera, please visit or call 800-537-SWIM (7946) or 970-947-2955.


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