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GcMAF (Gc Macrophage Activating Factor) is a natural protein that all healthy people naturally have inside of them. It is an immune system modulator that works by stimulating the activity of macrophages.

All healthy people have natural GcMAF inside them. It is the commanding officer of your immune system. In addition to rebuilding your immune system, the GcMAF in our bodies has four direct effects on cancer, instructs your macrophages to eat cancerous cells and had direct effects on neurons that research has shown so far.

Research into GcMAF has been occurring since 1990 and dozens of research papers have explored the role of extracted and purified GcMAF for a variety of conditions. Researchers and practitioners have demonstrated that GcMAF can reverse diseases that attack the immune system such as chronic inflammation, bacterial and viral infections, chronic herpes, chronic acne, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia osteoporosis, Hydgkin’s, Lupus, MS, Parkinson’s and remarkably – autism.

GcMaf Yogurt is a natural symbiosis of milk ferments and microorganisms that combines the health benefits of different products derived from milk fermentation with the added benefit of containing GcMAF. You will be able to purchase GcMaf producing yogurt shortly. Our long term aim is to be able to supply GcMaf yogurt at a lower price.

Our GcMAF PROBIOTIC combines the beneficial properties of probiotics and it is useful in maintaining health and as a complementary natural nutritional approach in a variety of acute and chronic diseases. Our Probiotic yogurt culture converts some Gc-protein that is present in low concentrations in full fat milk into active GcMAF. This yogurt stimulates the immune system without any need for an inject able product.

While drinking the yogurt do not consume sugar substitutes or artificial sweeteners because these substances deteriorate the product’s properties. Do not rinse mouth or brush teeth for at least 1 hour after consuming it. Keep it inside the mouth for about 15 seconds before swallowing it.


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