Brentwood TN Dentist is Now Offering Painless Laser Dental Treatment

Brentwood TN, January 13, 2014 –  The leading Brentwood dentist, Dr. Sonia Smithson announces that they are now offering quality dental care at their clinic to treat problems like cavities and tooth decay using laser procedures. Her clinic is also offering cosmetic dentistry to enhance one’s facial beauty and the smile. The Brentwood, TN Dentist announces to procure a range of new equipments to carry out laser dental therapies and offer their best dental care to all who visit her clinic.


Speaking about her new laser dentistry, Dr. Sonia explains, “Now, we use the high-tech medical laser technology to perform many of the dental care procedures in which we used to employ traditional techniques like the dental drill earlier. This is the reason why patients now do not experience any pain or uneasiness while we carry out our task more smoothly.” She further maintains that now people show less apprehension undergoing a dental treatment as they know that they won’t experience any pain and the process will be more convenient for them.


Thus, people in Brentwood or Franklin area who don’t want to undergo a conventional dental care therapy and want to avoid drilling and the use of needles can now visit Dr. Sonia’s clinic for a painless laser dental therapy. Dr. Sonia reveals that in her long career as a dental care specialist, she came across many people who were afraid of drilling and the needles. This is the reason why she decided to procure all necessary equipments to offer a complete laser dental care to the patients. She believes that everyone deserves to have beautiful teeth and an attractive smile, and now she is offering a painless way to attain those beautiful smiles.


As a renowned Brentwood TN Dentist, Dr. Sonia has introduced laser technology to treat her patients with a better efficiency and a great amount of care. She boasts of her well-equipped clinic and the experienced staff who assist her in offering the best dental care to the residents of Brentwood as well as Franklin. One can learn more about Dr. Sonia and her services by visiting her website


About Dr. Sonia Smithson

Dr. Sonia Smithson is a renowned dental care specialist in Brentwood. She received her Doctorate of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) from the University of Tennessee Center for the Health Sciences (UTCHS) in 1985 and has been practicing since then, offering a complete dental care to the residents of Brentwood and Franklin. In her about three decade’s professional career as a dentist, she has treated thousands of patients in her well-equipped clinic.


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