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With the largest segment of the American population now reaching over the age of 55, planning for one's estate disbursement is becoming a necessity. Specializing in Probate for Broward County, Revocable Trusts, Social Security Disability, Medicaid or Simple Wills the Law Offices of Jason A Jenkins, P.A. ( ) is available for consultation in the areas of Elder Law in the Tamarac, Florida area.

Ensuring that the client’s full legal, social, psychological, and financial needs are met, the Jason A Jenkins law firm takes a comprehensive approach that has them collaborating with all other professionals in the senior's life such as geriatric care managers, social workers, medical professionals, financial planners and accountants in order to produce the most complete and up to date final arrangements available.

Statistics estimate that 1 in 14 elders are abused, not within an institutional setting, but within their own home and often by their own children. While so many of the victims (up to 70%) are female, the abuse suffered is often psychological abuse and financial exploitation and under-reported compared to stories of neglect and physical abuse. Planning for the probability of needing long term care before a crisis situation occurs is important for prevention. Research has shown that the creation of a "Circle of Care" among those who are charged with the care of the recipient and involving people who provide all the different levels and types of required support saves money and provides peace of mind for both the recipient and the family long-term.

By working with all caregivers and family to make a comprehensive plan for one's future, the Jason A Jenkins law firm is able to establish trusts, living wills, and even power of attorney to insure elders are protected as much as their assets. The Jason A Jenkins law firm even strives to assist clients in the areas of Family law, Bankruptcy, and Marchman Act/Baker Act proceedings. For a free consultation, please contact us at (954) 256-9192 or at

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