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Music Registry offers radio airplay to free and real craftsman on FM (BDS & Mediabase Monitored), Sirius Satellite, College, Yahoo, MTV, Music Choice, Vh1, Shoutcast, Music Choice, Europe, UK, Canada and China Radio.

Music Registry is resolved to radio airplay, headway and promoting for independent and significant artists. Our radio and restricted time organizations have achieved genuine name signings, label distribution, extended sales, general airplay, tours, syndicated projects and charting with Billboard, BDS and Mediabase.

Our gathering frameworks with Program Directors, Station Managers, DJ's & radio partners to achieve national radio airplay, charting, gatherings, world tours and presentation. Moreover we incorporate every one track for digital accessibility & review by numerous radio stations.

Register my music is one of the most powerful yet cost effective way for indie artist to get their music played and charted. Since the period of ipods, Pdas and the web, independent artist now have a huge advantage with online deals and advertising. The online radio business sector gets in excess of 70% of the listening volume which now makes an expansive window of chance for Independent artist and online deals. The web has brought more opportunity to artist yet in the meantime made a lot of confusion. Music Registry offers a variety of services including radio, advancement and help with enrolment requisitions.

Music Registry has over 60 yrs combined experience specializing in promotion. Music Registry ranks under 100k in the US and has grown to be one of the largest radio airplay and promotional firm’s in the United States. Communicating daily with radio stations and affiliates to provide world wide RADIO AIRPLAY, interviews, MTV and BET video placement, TV commercials, mass texting, ringtones, blast, publications and major label distribution.


Music Registry Inc

Address: CA, Los Angeles

Phone no: 1-800-470-8803