Herbal Treatment For Penis Injury Due To Heavy Masturbation

Heavy masturbation involves the genre of sexual acrobatics that often leave you with penile injuries such as muscle pull; itchy, flaky and dry skin; rough, wrinkled and callused skin; damage to touch receptors and nerve fibers causing loss of penis sensation; rashes, lesions or fissures on the skin surface; swelling or soreness; hardening of scar tissue along the shaft etc. which can further perpetuate into intense painful penetration during intercourse, shortening of penis, hard plaque resulting into abnormal curvature (Dupuytrens contracture) and infections. Sometimes the heat of passion ends in less-than-pleasurable climaxes. So, what would be the ideal treatment if telltale signs of penis injury due to heavy masturbation make future sexual escapades seem a dangerous and impossible territory?

Herbal treatment for penis injury such as Booster capsules and Mast Mood oil can speed up the repair and are completely safe. Massaging the penis with the oil after warm water baths, when the skin is soft and clean, can enable it's ayurvedic ingredients penetrate to the deep layers and work their magic healing to the best of opportunity. The oil is designed to soothe the penis skin without leaving any residue that can make guys feel oily or unclean. Applying the oil at least twice daily is ideal, although application might be increased for men with advanced levels of skin impairment. Mast Mood oil is a powerful mix of Kaner Root, Sudh Maal, Butter Oil and Safed Gunja to reduce cell ageing and the brown wrinkled appearance of dying or dead cells on the shaft. These nourishing herbs assist blood circulation into the nerves of the penis for effective arousal, reverse shrinkage due to excessive masturbation and pubic fat.  This formula helps to remove collagen scaring and to sustain hard erection throughout the s

exual act. This remarkable herbal treatment for penis injury combined with Booster capsules very effectively strengthen the genital organs, enhance libido, sexual potency and fertility relieving stress acting as mood-elevators. The combination is a much sought-after all-natural, safe and effective sexual repair and rejuvenation toning system for males. 

Ayurveda relies on the ability of herbs to increases a person's core energy responsible for overall stamina and sexual health. So to align the recovery with the body's natural balance, heavy masturbation which is the abuse and misuse of sexual system and organs due to ignorance and disrespect of the sex act and the human body should be avoided at all cost. Ever wondered whether your frequent and rough hand practice could be behind your lack of concentration, host of psychological problems, future infertility, penile nerve and tissue damage, venous leakage, sexual dysfunction and other lifestyle problems? It would definitely be much safer to avoid this unfortunate obsession before it strikes a blow to your sex organs. It's much better to settle on loving pleasure with real partners than stroking or jerking pleasure. To release your energy exercises like upper body workout, hip lunges and running; go miles in pumping you full of mood-improving endorphins. Sex is not the only stress-buster on earth.

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