“Just Point At Him”, A Book By Snjezana Marinkovic And Gregory Torti Is Offered With Great Discounts


Dallas, Texas (April 22, 2014) - Snjezana Marinkovic and Gregory Torti, the well known authors have come up with their incredible non-fiction piece of Kindle Edition, called Just Point At Him. This kindle edition was published on May 23, 2013.

The book on true- crime is has focused on individuals, on paying dues. The author Gregory has a prior experience of having similar experience and he has learned a lot regarding dues and debt. He has tried to reflect his own experience of life, through this autobiography write up. This book is dedicated to help the people, who are struggling to come out of the dark phases of livelihood.

The writer was ready to move on in life. The justice system has got different concept. The narrative is dedicated to inspire the fellow readers, through the real story of his life battle. The kindle edition has amazingly depicted the war for true freedom.  This is a 292 KB version, which is written in simple English. This 189 pages book is enabled in text to speech mode.

The kindle Edition of the book, is availed to the Amazon buyers with huge discounts. The original price of “Just Point At Him” is fixed at $7.99.  However, readers can avail this book at only $2.60. Buyers can save up to $5.40. Users can enjoy a huge price cut of 68%, by purchasing this book from the web store of Amazon. International customers can also buy this book at only Rs. 166. Buyers are facilitated with international wireless delivery system.

This book has been highly appreciated by the readers. Readers have found this book to be a heart wrenching, emotional and thought provoking volume. James Moore has recently gone through this book. He comments, “A young boy finds himself one evening, walking a lonely, silent road in the dark, as he contemplates to reach his safe destiny. He begins to realize that he should not be alone, so far away from where he belongs, so he walks faster-and-faster. Suddenly, he makes one wrong decision that will affect his life forever. A young girl plays her favorite fun game in the mirror as she pretends to play movie star, until her imaginary play-time turned into devastation, and fear. This child will never forget her favorite game, which will forever remind her of her worst nightmare. A very young boy plays in a hot-tub near a pool-side, but one incident on that day, will place a scar on his life that may never heal. All three cases have something in common. Within a split-second, an unexpected terrifying event occurred, that will change the lives of a victim forever.”

Snjezana Marinkovic and Gregory Torti have come up with the Kindle Edition of Just Point At Him. This is offered to the buyers at discounted rates. For more information please visit

Snjezana Marinkovic