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Saint Louis, MO—Concordia Publishing House introduces the latest in Theological Commonplaces. Johann Gerhard’s work On Sin and Free Choice is set for release to Christian bookstores and online July 17.

“To understand forgiveness, you must first understand transgression,” says Rev. Dr. Benjamin Mayes, the book’s editor. “These Commonplaces by Johann Gerhard—On Original Sin, On Actual Sin, and On Free Choice—are necessary before we can know and appreciate repentance, the Gospel, the saving work of Christ, and the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit. Gerhard’s Commonplaces give us a teaching on these topics more thorough than any other Lutheran treatment in the English language.”

The new book focuses on three commonplaces. First, “On Original Sin” examines the primeval sin of Adam and Eve from Genesis 3 and the awful consequences of it. Because all descendants of Adam and Eve have been tainted by original sin, they are inherently corrupted. They require healing through Jesus Christ. This process begins through Holy Baptism.

“On Actual Sin,” the second commonplace reviewed, scrutinizes human statements, deeds, and the desires that drive behavior—particularly those actions that are contradictory to God’s moral law. Distinctions are identified between “mortal” and “venial” sin.

The final commonplace assessed in this work is “On Free Choice.” This section explores how fallen people have some freedom of choice, but not the type that can turn them toward God. Only the Holy Spirit can convert individuals to faith in Christ. Once people are converted to faith, the Holy Spirit begins to renew their wills and lives.

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The Theological Commonplaces series offers the first-ever English translation of Johann Gerhard’s monumental Loci Theologici. Gerhard was the premier Lutheran theologian of the early seventeenth century. Combining his profound understanding of evangelical Lutheran theology with a broad interest in ethics and culture, he produced significant works on biblical, doctrinal, pastoral, and devotional theology. Gerhard’s 17-volume Loci is regarded as the standard compendium of Lutheran orthodoxy.

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