ISO-9001 Compliant Document Management for Manufacturing

As part of the range of International Standards for Organization (ISO) 9000, ISO-9001 standards set regulations in the manufacturing industry.¹ Maintaining ISO-9001 requirements is a continuous process that manufacturing companies must meet in order to be officially certified. These international guidelines are set to protect human rights and keep machine parts at the correct dimensions. All factories need to achieve ISO-9001 standards in order to be legally certified for commercial use.

More and more manufacturing companies are using digital technology to streamline the process of managing large volumes of documentation.³ Document management software benefits manufacturers by expediting communications and monitoring internal processes. For example, ISO-9001 certified manufacturers can benefit from implementing a quality management system in the following ways:

·         Document Control – In order to reduce the possibility of error, manufacturing organizations should institute a document control process. Document management software automates record keeping to create visibility into processing tasks. Both external and internal documents are indexed with the same metadata policies and each document is kept on record in both the original and revised forms. Users can reference documents with a document management repository’s built-in search engine so that files are always accessible and under control.

·         Database Security – ISO document regulations state that manufacturers should implement security measures. Management software helps by requiring permissions such as login screens and passwords. Only authorized users can access confidential archives, data, and documentation. Old records get deleted by the document management system after they become obsolete and reduce the risk of being viewed by unauthorized users.

·         Audit Preparation – In addition to security measures, manufacturers are responsible for regularly scheduled auditing. A document management system automatically records each action in the system for easy reference. The system administrators can easily access the audit trail in a detailed history log. All necessary records remain legible and identifiable as required by the legal standards.

·         Structured Approval – The legal requirements set out by the ISO-9001 include the implementation of a secure document approval system. This is a lot simpler with a computer program that emails the forms to those who need to sign them. This process can be automatic or user initiated, and comes with a set of clear instructions. Users can then be automatically notified if further action is required. After the approval of the documents, a copy of the official notice is sent to each party for secure storage.

·         Workflow Consistency – The approval process itself has to be organized. The standards for workflow consistency involve keeping important procedures steady and reliable. The integrated processes in document management programs help companies to accomplish daily tasks on schedule. Defining your schedule with computer software makes it possible to get the job done faster - and with less resources - because it reduces the likelihood of confusion.

The ISO-9001 is a complex set of regulations that all manufacturers have to meet in order to be officially certified for business operations. Document management solutions simplify the process of meeting ISO requirements and help regulate the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing producers use document management software to meet ISO-9001 regulations, which include document control, database security, audit preparation, workflow consistency, and a structured approval process.


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