The Vitamin E Serum Is Offered With Extra 15% Discount, During The Month Of April


April is going to be ended shortly. Growth Enrichment Center has come up with an incredible anti-aging serum with huge savings, during this final phase of this warm month. This special serum is enriched with the freshness of Vitamin E.

The vitamin E serum of the company is made off the extract of apple stem cell. The experts of the manufacturing company have intelligently included the effects of Hyaluronic acid and rich antioxidants in the serum. These extracts help in restraining the fast aging effects on human skin. Besides that, the anti aging serum is also known for age restoring components. These ingredients help the users to get rid of crow’s feet, wrinkles, blemishes etc.

Apart from that, the rehydrating formula, specially included in the skin therapy serum is found to be extra ordinary for eliminating the fine lines, face and many other visible skin aging effects.  A retail expert of the company states, “The requirement for a comprehensive skin care formula, which helps in restraining aging effects from the skin, has always been there. We have tried to include the richness of natural ingredients, with right proportion, to enhance the results.” The high quality age reversing serum often runs out of stick, due to the high market demands.

Reports have confirmed that, this is supposed to be the best vitamin E face serum, available in the market. Along with maintaining the highest form of quality, the company is known to be extremely careful about the reasonability of the product. The retainer is offering the Vitamin E face serum with an added 15% discount to the customers, during the month of April. This product is actually priced at $89.99, but along with the recorded 73% discount, this serum is availed at only $66.00, after a huge saving of $23.99. Besides that, this serum is offered to the purchasers with an unmatched 60 days money back guarantee.  The company is offering free shipping facility on this skin care serum.

The retailer has successfully created a huge set of happy buyers, with the help if this serum. Carol has been using this serum from a long time.  She says, “I have experienced great effects on my skin, after using this product. I was disappointed and almost lost my all my hopes, regarding the improvements of my skin with other skin care products. However, this serum successfully wiped out the fine lines from my skin and helped me gaining an amazing result. I love this care serum.”

Growth Enrichment Center introduces vitamin E serum.  This is regarded as a perfect age reversing formula.
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