Wedding portrait has become the newly popular trend among today's newly married couple

China - When people are in the marrying process which is the most meaning time for each people, the newly wedding people are always spending much more money to their wedding pictures that could be regarded as the lifetime's commemoration. However, facing with the traditional stereotyped picture, most of newcomers for wedding will have the feeling that these traditional photos are lack of personality and new worthy. However, the appearing of the wedding portrait painting has more or less helped these displeasured young men and women change this kind of situation.

Recently, the reporter has visited the oil painting market on the internet and they have found that the wedding portrait painting from , which is the best online seller for oil painting for sale, has been quietly popular around the world. This wedding photo painting gives new charming to wedding.

MR Sun who is the manager from which is the famous online oil reproduction oil paintings painting gallery introduced:¡± With the popularity of oil painting decorative at home, more and more consumers become favored with the custom portrait painting. Under the influence of this popular trend, new wedding people become preferable with the custom wedding portrait painting which is the particular form souvenir that could let the wedding become more special. The Wedding photo oil painting canvas already abandon the traditional model and feathers which could reflect people¡¯s personality and their newly life style. If people could put this wedding hanging at home, their house will be full of artistic effect and the decoration of the wedding photo oil painting could also help to enhance the owner's taste.

"As long as consumers sent us their wedding photos, our artists can customize the oil portrait painting in which the size of the finished painting is 70cm ¡Á 90cm and 80cm ¡Á 100cm. The production time for this kind of oil painting is two weeks or more. The cost for the single person portrait is at around 300 to 400 USD." said by MR Sun who is the manager from

He advised consumers to provide with them the 7-inch finished photos and then offer a few life photos which allowing painting artists to have more material to choose.

According to the reporter, there are not only new wedding portrait paintings on There are also many other kinds of custom oil painting which could let consumers have choice such as the pet portrait painting personal photo oil painting. However, people could carefully browse their website for more information.


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