Rapid adoption of cloud delivery models to reduce IT infrastructure costs

Mumbai, India – May 26, 2014 - A study of the global hybrid cloud market indicates that various enterprises are rapidly adopting cloud technologies due to its ability to save infrastructure costs and technical expertise to allow a greater focus on the core businesses. With the help of these hybrid clouds, companies can now take advantage of both public and private clouds. The inhibitors of public clouds are similar to the ones for hybrid and therefore vendors often face challenges in the form of security and delivery of a solution that will act as a bridge across cloud delivery models and traditional IT infrastructure. Small and medium companies are thus also looking forward to cloud models that help them enjoy the technology in cost effective ways and also enable them to scale as and when needed.

However, the industry is also seeing a rapid integration of both public and private cloud models. While the private clouds are set up to cater to the internal computing needs, the public cloud service exceeds its capability of the private cloud. As per the hybrid cloud market, the major inhibitor is the rising IT costs and thus people prefer the public cloud as they can implement advanced technologies at much cheaper rates. Furthermore, cloud security remains a major concern that affects the overall growth prospects of the sector.

The Hybrid cloud is mostly used for its ability to reduce costs and scale whenever the need arises. There are cloud security software, disaster recovery software, integration software and cloud bursting applications that helps in seamless functioning across the business. There are different cloud delivery models include Software-as-a Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Infrastructure-as-a- Service of which, the platform as a service (PaaS) service has been widely adopted by companies in order to address the increasing complexities of the platforms in the market. Enterprises are adopting their own applications and therefore there is the need for a common platform that will support the diverse applications and their services. Platforms like Red Hat Open Shift, Cloud Foundry, Microsoft Azure etc. are independent of the underlying computing hardware configuration and can be accessed using any end user devices.

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