Optimum Nutrition, BCAA 1000 – Protein/BCAA Supplements


The amino acids are considered as the building block of protein that is required by our body to survive tough and intense training session that sucks most of the energy out of our body. The branched chain amino acids and protein blends helps our ligaments, bones, organs, tendons and muscles to grow strong. They also maintain the immune system of our body and ensure that we are kept alive for a long period of time. A large number of supplements are being used by body builders and weightlifters to build their muscles and body structure. If you are interested in using BCAA supplements then you should consider using a supplement known as Optimum Nutrition, BCAA 1000. In this article, we will be doing its review.

Product Information:

The Optimum Nutrition, BCAA 1000 is basically a protein supplement which is considered to have the capability of maximizing muscle growth and claims to take you to highest level of training and exercises. The BCAAs used in the supplement are essential for the body and long been used for strength training and endurance buildup; this ensures activation of muscle synthesis and prevents the breakdown of muscles. A large number of people are using Optimum Nutrition, BCAA 1000 and they give their positive feedback based on the fact that it contains blend of 3 important types branched chain amino acids that are known as Valine, Is-Leucine and L-Leucine.

The Valine used in Optimum Nutrition, BCAA 1000 holds vital importance as it plays an important role in improving the cognitive power, management of stress and metabolism of muscles. These functions are directly associated with muscle building process. It also builds energy level in the body so as to let you perform intense training session. Optimum Nutrition, BCAA 1000 also contains L-leucine which is highly recommended for athletes to build their strength, endurance and power. Those athletes and body builders who are recuperating from major injuries should use it as it promotes growth of strength, muscles, and builds muscle proteins to avoid any muscular breakdown that occurs due to intense training session.

The Optimum Nutrition, BCAA 1000 contains the necessary ingredients apart from BCAAs that are required to maintain the nutrition demand of our body. You can find calcium, magnesium, important types of protein and vitamins are blended together in this supplement.

Dosage and Direction:

The Optimum Nutrition, BCAA 1000 is tested to be good and suitable for those healthy individuals who are aged above 25 and they are not using other types of medication for addressing problems like kidney problem, cardiac issue and liver problem. You can use the supplement in limited amount and the advised dosage of the product is to take 1 full teaspoon in 8 -10 ounce of water or milk. Stir well for 20 seconds and drink it. You will start getting the results in 2 – 3 weeks without suffering from any major side effects. Be advised to keep the supplement out of reach of children and infants.