Sunset Bamboo Online Sale on Bamboo Poles

Bamboo Poles by Sunset Bamboo shines with quality and beauty. Sunset bamboo produces the best bamboo poles and other products to improve the quality of home life and to make sure that the environment is safe and protected. Add bamboo poles to the d├ęcor of your homes and see the difference in the ambience of your home. Bamboo poles give off a woodsy scent that brings the wilds into your home and gives it a peaceful effect. Sunset Bamboo offers the best bamboo poles derived from the high-grade Tonkin and Moso bamboo plants.

Bamboo poles are ideal to radically change the interior and exterior of your home and make it immensely attractive and stunning. Bamboo poles are also used to make furniture, mats, panels, fences and more. Add innovative varieties of bamboo poles to your home from Sunset Bamboo and watch your home come alive with gorgeous accents and splendor. Sunset Bamboo offers five different types of bamboo poles of great quality and each magnificent in its own way.

Natural Bamboo Poles: Natural bamboo poles are harvested when they are mature, usually 3-5 years of age. These poles remain in their natural state after they have been cleaned and straightened. They are treated to be termite resistant and polished to bring out a sheen and deepen their natural tan color. They are thick-walled and sturdy and have the ability to last a very long time. Natural bamboo poles constitute the Zen Collection at Sunset bamboo.

Carbonized Bamboo Poles: Carbonized bamboo poles are available in amber accents with darker shades at its nodes. They are striking and unique to Sunset Bamboo. To bring out the different colors, the bamboo poles are smoked very carefully for a specific period. Carbonized bamboo poles make up the Anji-Shan Collection for its grandeur.

Natural Black Bamboo Poles: Natural Black bamboo poles are naturally one of the most gorgeous bamboo poles collections at Sunset Bamboo. They are characterized by varying shades of the darkest ebony and black, relived by some light brown tones. They look chic and beautiful, in and out of your home. They form the Feng Shui Collection and are very eco-friendly. They are used abundantly in the making of mats, panels, room separators, and more.

Speckled Bamboo Poles: Speckled bamboo poles are dazzling in their effect with unique sophisticated looks. They are used widely in making your homes and yards prettier by turning them into fences and panels. Speckled bamboo poles come with spots of light and dark brown on a medium dark brown base. The dramatic coloring looks great with your home furnishings and colors and adds a homey feel to the whole ensemble. It has a great balancing effect and belongs to the Yinyang Collection.

Split Bamboo Poles: Split bamboo poles, also known as Half-Rounds, are created by splitting natural bamboo poles or any other type, down the middle, along its vertical axis. They are elegant and very attractive and make your home come alive. They make awesome roofs, panels and decorative items. After splitting, the poles are rubbed with river salt to bring out its natural shine. The earthy hues make it very popular.