Greying Population Seen to Increase Care Jobs in Oxfordshire – Home Helpers Care

Oxfordshire, April 24, 2014-- The aging population in Oxfordshire is seen to increase the number of care jobs in Oxfordshire, according to a leading care company in the region.

Home Helpers Care is citing recent figures that the number of senior citizens in Oxfordshire is on the rise as its basis for anticipating the increase in demand of care jobs in the county. Late last year, the Oxfordshire County Council admitted that it overspent by as much as 1.4 percent its budget between April and July due to the increase in number of elderly admitted to care homes in the country.

According to the Oxford Mail, 582 elderly people were admitted to care homes in the country in 2013 which was an increase of 192 from the original target of 400. The home care services Oxfordshire firm believes that this is an indication that more elderly people in the country will be needed care services. As such, a spike in the demand for care workers will be expected in the next few years added Home Helpers Care.

The same organisation is also citing a recent report that Britons are living longer these days as another factor that could result to increased demand for jobs in care in Oxfordshire. A recent report by the Guadian cites that life expectancy for men in 2012 is now 79.5 years while women on the average will live up to 82.5 years.

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