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How to make money and still have a lot of fun? The answer might be simpler than you think: just get accustomed to Evolution Slot and start learning all about the secrets of online casinos. Based on Darwin’s ideas of evolution, this game allows you to spin the wheel and make sure that all the primitive creatures of the game evolve into animals. And after all this ‘hard working’, all you have to do is claim the Evolution Slot bonus and use it for earning more money by registering at Comeon! casino. With the initial £100 bonus many doors can be opened! Why not start opening them?

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Basically, the story behind Evolution Slot is quite simple: you have to play and spin the reel until all the primitive creatures living in that world will transform into more evolved forms of life. In other words, it’s a visual interpretation of Darwin’s scientific principles. The only difference from science hours is that here somebody pays you at the end of the day for all the playing with a valuable Evolution Slot bonus.

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