WelCare Drugs Store Offers New Services and Celebrates Anniversary

Brooklyn, New York, August 1, 2016 : WelCare Drugs Store is pleased to announce it is not only introducing brand new products to its current inventory, but is due to celebrate an upcoming anniversary milestone.

WelCare’s upcoming new products cater to people living with diabetes or conditions affecting their mobility. As such, WelCare will now be providing orthotic/prosthetic supplies, including braces custom-made for customer usage. They will also offer surgical supplies, custom molded shoes tailored for people with diabetes and custom power wheelchairs with increased tilt abilities. WelCare customers will also be able to take advantage of a specialty pharmacy, which offers custom compound creams, as well as various treatments for Hepatitis C, vaccines for the flu virus and eye testing typically administered by the state DMV. Customers can now use any number of payment styles to cover their needs with WelCare, including money order services, such as Western Union, OTC cards , bill payments , Passport Photo, Fax Copy and more. Customers can verify their identities with either a state ID, passport or notary public.

In addition to these new advancements in their service, WelCare will be celebrating their 12th year of service to their community. For the past decade, WelCare has dedicated themselves to providing residents of NYC Metropolitan Area with the health care they need. Patients looking for medical help and affordable resources for treatment and medications can rely on WelCare to work with them to help maintain their health.

Anyone interested in WelCare’s services can call 718-599-7200 or visit the WelCare official website.

About WelCare Drugs Store : For more than two decades, WelCare Drugs Store has committed their services to aiding those in need of affordable and flexible local medical care across the Brooklyn and Metropolitan area. They provide a wide variety of services and products to suit a vast array of medical conditions, from chronic illnesses to surgical care. They offer delivery services throughout the Brooklyn metropolitan area and accept all forms of health insurance.


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