Celebrating Earth Day, Modern Kids Design Launches “Shop for a Cause”

(San Francisco, CA)  April 22, 2014 – In honor of Earth Day, and as a way to make it easy for their customers to donate to worthy environmental-related initiatives, Modern Kids Design is proud to introduce “Shop for a Cause.” 

A natural and earth-friendly online retailer for kids, Modern Kids Design has partnered with inspiring nonprofit organizations that facilitate positive environmental change. The new “Shop for a Cause” program automatically donates five percent of sales to the nonprofit partner of the customer’s choice.

“Our customers are very environmentally aware and have a deep-seeded desire to support like-minded organizations,” said Yvonne Hopkins, founder of Modern Kids Design.  “’Shop for a Cause" makes it simple for them to donate to causes that they’d like to support, at the same time that they’re buying unique, beautifully designed clothing, décor, bedding, toys, furniture, crafts and other products for their children.  It lets them engage in the cycle of giving in a personal and meaningful way.”

For a limited time, Modern Kids Design is taking it one step further in supporting one of their “Shop for a Cause” nonprofit partners.  Now through April 30, when a customer spends $100 or more, Modern Kids Design will donate an item of clothing to a child in need through Clothes4Souls, a division of Soles4Souls, Inc. an international not-for-profit social  enterprise that advances the fight against poverty through the distribution of shoes and clothing.

Few people know that footwear and textile waste is a pressing issue. The EPA estimates that Americans throw away approximately 70 pounds of clothing, contributing 3.8 billion pounds to the waste stream each year.  While the average lifespan for a piece of apparel is just three years before entering the waste stream, an estimated seventy percent of the global population relies on second-hand shoes and clothing.

“We chose to work with Soles4Souls for reasons that resonate deeply with us,” added Hopkins. “There are still many children in this country and around the world that can desperately use shoes and clothing.  Soles4Souls meets pressing needs and helps keep textiles out of landfills; by partnering with them, we’re able to support an organization that is trying to solve these problems in creative ways.”

To encourage people to learn more about Soles4Souls and how donating and recycling clothing and shoes can help our planet, Modern Kids Design has written about it on their blog where they are hosting a giveaway. From now through the end of April, visitors are encouraged to leave a comment on the blog for a chance to win a gift certificate for $50 on

About Modern Kids Design

Modern Kids Design is a San Francisco-based online retailer featuring a range of beautifully designed natural and earth-friendly products for kids.  Its mission is to raise awareness of environmental issues through design, and it is driven by a set of core values that include offering earth-friendly products for kids, serving as a substantive resource for families interested in environmental issues through its blog, and giving back by donating to nonprofit organizations that are working toward positive environmental change.  For more information, visit

About Soles4Souls

Founded in 2006, Soles4Souls, Inc. advances the fight against global poverty through social enterprise – a term describing nonprofits that use proven business practices to create positive social change.  Each year, Soles4Soles collects millions of used and new shoes from volunteer shoe drives, civic groups, churches and schools, small businesses and big-brand companies.  Most reusable shoes are distributed to support micro-enterprise programs, creating and sustaining desperately needed jobs in Haiti and other poor nations.  The resulting revenue that Soles4Souls earns then helps fund free distribution of new shoes and clothing throughout the U.S. and overseas.  For more information, visit

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