BlueSky Auto Finance Introduces Easier Car Loan Scheme

BlueSky Auto Finance, a trusted name in auto financing, introduces an easier, faster, and more secure scheme for car loan application. With this new method, interested buyers can have their application processed and approved in minutes.

[CALIFORNIA, January 16, 2014] – BlueSky Auto Finance, one of the leading companies in the car financing industry, has launched an easier car loan scheme even poor credit holders can enjoy. The company continues to showcase its dedication in providing the most flexible ways for clients to get their car loans approved.

Great Assistance for Fast Approval

BlueSky Auto Finance prides itself with its long list of trusted partners that provide direct car loans and auto dealers for people with poor credit history. The company has guided buyers with credit difficulties to enjoy an environment free from the troubles associated with loaning, especially through local banks or credit unions.

The company’s participating auto dealers have valuable access to over 400 lenders. Many of these auto dealers are known for their strict guidelines in car loan applications for people with bad credit. With the help of BlueSky Auto Finance, these auto finance dealers are often willing to transact and negotiate with car loan applicants, provided that the bad credit was a result of job loss, medical situation or divorce. 

Also Available for Applicants without Credit History

The company also has a scheme for car buyers without any credit history. Non-credit card users, like college students starting to build their credits, can benefit from this offering. With this option, those planning to own a car even with no record of credit worthiness can get their own vehicle after filling out a simple loan application form.  

About BlueSky Auto Finance

BlueSky Auto Finance is a company composed of a group of experienced auto finance industry experts. The founders gained years of experience in sub-prime auto lending and retail automotive, making them a trusted name in the industry. The company’s goal is to make auto trade simpler and empower brand new or used car buyers of all credit levels.

For more information, applicants may contact BlueSky Auto Finance at 1.800.BLUESKY or visit their website,