U.S.A, Europe, and Japan are the major players in the Military Laser Systems Market Worth $2.73 Billion by 2020

The Military Laser Systems Market for aerospace, defense, and homeland security is expected to register a CAGR of 4.23% and rise to approximately $ 2.73 billion by 2020.

Military Laser Systems Market by Application (Laser designator, Laser Range Finder, LIDAR, 3D scanner, Laser Weapon, Dazzlers, Laser sights, Proximity Fuze, Ring laser Gyro, Laser Doppler Vibrometer, Laser Altimeter) by Domain (Aerospace, Defense and Homeland Security) - Forecast and Analysis to 2014 - 2020

International trade in arms is diverse and vigorous, and is creating an impact in every region of the world. The style of warfare has changed and the use of small weapons by the army has also increased. Governmentsare buying millions of laser guided ammunition each year. Millions of additional foreign-sourced weapons are procured by military and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

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The report provides a market analysis of the global military laser systems market and its application in Aerospace and Defense market over next six years. It provides a detailed analysis of both historic and global industryforecast considering factors influencing demand, the challenges faced by the industry participants. Report also provides analysis of the leading companies in the industry and emerging technological trends. Report also provides segmentation by geography, country.

This research report segments the market on the basis of applications in Aerospace & Defence i.e. Laser Range Finder – LRF, Laser designator, LIDAR, 3D scanning, dazzler, directed energy weapons, laser sights, laser proximity fuze, Ring laser Gyro, Laser Altimeters, Laser Doppler vibrometer and product types i.e. Solid state laser, Laser pistol, Fiber laser, Laser cutter, Laser diode (APD – Avalanche photo diode), CO2 and usage of eye safe lasers.

This research report segments the market on the basis of applications in Aerospace & Defense. The report also analyzes the market share on the basis of technology. It provides information about the leading players in the laser market. Apart from a general overview of the leading companies, their financial position, key products, unique selling points and key developments. The report also delivers information about the technology roadmap that underlines the trends for the laser technology market and also highlights which technologies will dominate the market in the future.

Due to economic downturn, major countries like U.S. and the U.K. are witnessing economic difficulties. America has announced the budget cut of US $ 178 billion during 2011-2015, this could slow down the defense industry. Despite this, the laser market is booming and lot of money is being pumped into research and development of laser technology. Owing to renewed interest and desire to be self-sufficient India, Japan, China, Germany, France and Australia are the emerging growth regions.

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