How to Apply For ONE Musicfest Media Credentials

Please email the following to Kiara Jones at

To ensure that all qualified media agencies have the appropriate access, the policies and criteria below have been developed by ONE Musicfest. Please review the qualifications below and submit media request by August 31st, 2015. ONE Musicfest holds sole discretion in the authorization and distribution of the media credentials.

ONE Musicfest Media Credentials Include:

Concert Entry + Media Suite Access + Major Talent Interviews : 1,000,000+ audience reach

Concert Entry + Media Suite Access + Select Talent Interviews: 500,000+ audience reach

Concert Entry (Lawn Access Only): Less than 500,000 audience reach

There are a limited number of ONE Musicfest media credentials and not all requests will be approved. Impressions must be verifiable through, Alexa, or another reputable web traffic tracker.

To request ONE Musicfest media credentials for your media outlet, please submit:

- Your name & Title

- Media Outlet

- Website

- Monthly Site Impressions (Online Media Outlets), Monthly Readership (Print) and/or Monthly Viewership/Listeners (TV & Radio)

**Final media credential distribution and decisions is to the sole discretion of ONE Musicfest