MHI Global’s CSO Insights Division Launches Inaugural Sales Enablement Survey

DENVER – July 9, 2015 – CSO Insights, a division of MHI Global that relies on research metrics to reveal best practices in sales and marketing, has launched its first Sales Enablement Survey. The survey, which will be released annually, seeks data on how to best support sales teams and improve sales effectiveness.

For more than 15 years, CSO Insights has provided pragmatic suggestions, experience-based examples and valuable insights to sales and marketing executives. Known for its in-depth, value-rich research, the business was recently acquired by MHI Global, a worldwide company devoted to empowering growth through customer management excellence.

The Sales Enablement Survey examines the impact of enablement services, such as content, training and coaching, while also researching the role technology plays in sales. By analyzing what is working and what is not working within an array of sales organizations, the survey will distill best practices, thereby sharing its findings on the most effective support tools and techniques. CSO Insights will distribute its findings to participants first, in an effort to help them improve their sales enablement strategies.

Jim Dickie, managing partner with CSO Insights, says the goal of the sales enablement survey is to move beyond the “fixing a quarter” approach and establish a platform for sustainable sales results.

The survey seeks information on:

  • What best-in-class organizations are doing differently when it comes to sales.
  • The types of enablement services that move the sales performance needle.
  • The role of different kinds of enablement technology.
  • The overall business impact sales enablement can create.
  • The difference between world-class sales organizations and others.

“In this complex and ever-changing world of escalating buyer expectations, the business need for sales enablement is growing every day. There is no sales leader’s agenda that doesn’t have at least one enablement challenge,” said Dickie. “With this survey, our goal is to collect best practices and share that with sales organizations to help them improve their operations.”

You’ll find the survey, which takes 15 minutes or less, here. Upon completing the survey, participants will be able to download the CSO Insights' 2015 Sales Management Optimization Key Trends Analysis and the MHI Research Note on Strategic Issues for Sales Enablement. In October 2015, participants will also receive the 2015 Sales Enablement Study Key Trends Report.

To learn more about CSO Insights, visit the company’s website,

About CSO Insights

CSO Insights measures and analyzes the behaviors, metrics and strategies behind world-class sales performance, providing members with the research, data and expertise required to build strategies for sales performance improvement. With over 20 years of sales research experience, the CSO Insights team is comprised of respected analysts with decades of success as sales practitioners and sales executives. To learn more, visit the company’s website,

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