Think Design, Think Local, Think Creative!

Staying local may well be the best bet when looking to engage the services of a creative agency. The city isn't always where the best talent is to be found and Think Creative is a small agency that thinks big.

Sometimes the search for creative and design business services sees companies automatically searching through big city directories looking for that one agency that fits the bill. This can often mean sitting in large lobbies waiting to see a “creative” who will deign to grace the representative with their presence and at the end of it, a huge bill for a non-personal, sub-standard service.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Small businesses based in rural locations are making a mark for themselves and competing with the best from the city and Think Creative Studio is one such agency.

Operating out of the rural village of Kinver in South Staffordshire, Think Creative headed up by Simon Grigg has been offering their design services for over 20 years. They’ve worked with some of the leading brands in the country, too, such as Simple Health & Beauty, Telewest, Unilever, Nivea and The AA.

“We aim to give a personal service to whomever we’re dealing with and we work closely with all our clients. Because we’re a small team, the company gets to see everyone in the business and nothing is hidden behind account managers and sales staff – it’s just us and we give the best service we possibly can.”

Their passionate and straightforward approach is ideas-driven, design-led and engaging leading to memorable communication which lasts well beyond the life of any project.

Simon continues:

“Our philosophy is one of longevity. Our aim is to work with companies throughout the lifecycle of their product and create design and ideas that will last longer than the project itself, hopefully resting in the minds of those that encounter it and bringing repeat business to our customers long after the project is finished”.

Working with household names and smaller, niche clients has allowed Think Creative to build a diverse portfolio over the years and they’re now fully capable of providing companies large and small with creative and effective solutions whatever the requirement.

About Think Creative Studio:

Think Creative has been offering creative services out of their Kinver offices for over 20 years. Working with a diverse portfolio of clients, they are ready to assist in creative projects both large and small.

Contact details:

Simon Grigg:
tel: 01384 877844