Local Jobs In Andhra Pradesh is a local job portal promoted by TRANSNATIONAL SOFTWARE SERVICES PVT LTD .The main propose of is to create unemployment in Andhra Pradesh. To promote & create employment opportunities locally And to support small and local business, to create safety, healthy and wealthy local economy’s and community’s.

For the Registration of Companies and Job seeker we will not charge anything is an a complete online process. is helping out the unemployed , candidates who are looking for the job they can register in portal, go to website after going to the website you will find right side job seeker there you can upload the updated Resume. Daily Companies will post their requirements you can apply for it and or else companies will directly contact you.

Some people may want jobs in particular filed like software or manufacturing for that we are maintain a separate tab called JOBS BY INDUSTRY. jobs by industry means we provide industry wise jobs, so job seeker can easily find job as for his/her interest .one more thing some job seekers wants jobs some particular places for such kind of people we are maintain a separate tab called JOBs BY LOCATION.

In jobs by location is nothing but we provide district wise jobs.
Not only that you can find as per your locality Now we see how posting will come, has employer registration which means companies will register their, After going to website on left side of page you will find the Employer there for new companies click on the new employer Register it will go to employer register form, you  have to fill the form ,after filling the form within two hours you will receive call from Activation and verification Department  of after that your account will be activated ,after that companies will post their requirements, For Employers(companies)  they are Four benefits will be there one is that Companies will be Advertising in web site it means, was maintain a separate tab called JOBS BY COMPANIES .In that tab All the companies we will display who are register in our site ,the main purpose this tab is people may don’t know how many companies are available in their surroundings or locality.

We are going to educate them.
Second one is Register companies will be post their postings .After postings Companies will receive the response from the candidates it means candidate may directly contact them or else he/she forwards their updated Resumes to hi/her Register mail-id.Third one, giving Database access completely free, it means Register companies will have direct access of database. As per their requirements they can sort out the resume and contact them directly .

Fourth is that some companies want to post their postings particular area we have such kind of feasibility called jobs by district. Companies can post their postings area wise. no other portal will provide such kind feasibility is very much usefully because some people may want job from their locality for such kind of people it is good. The many motto of is local jobs - local people