Guide on How to Avoid Your Account Getting Prohibited for Runescape Gold for Sale

Generally, most RS players don’t care about the price of RS gold. Instead what they care about most is the safety of their RS account. Recently some players have complained about the security. It is true that almost all players worry about whether their RS account would be banned for buying RS gold, because power leveling is not worth than being banned. Here some tips about how to protect your account from being banned are provided.

1. Never give out your account password to any RS provider

You should keep in mind that you should never give your RS account information to anyone. You may know that we never need such information. We just need to know your name in game. So we can contact you as soon as you pay the order.

2. Choose a reliable RS provider with high reputation

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Delivery method

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Delivery speed

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Reasonable price

We adjust our prices in time according to the market, so you can buy cheap gold with the top quality service.

Professional service

We are committed to providing the most exceptional services by being honest and helpful. If you have any problems about your order or have met some confusion in the trading process, you are welcomed to ask us for help. Our 24/7 Live Chat serves you with nonstop.

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