Home and Office Window Tinting Services by Tint Works

Tint Works provides customers with home and office improvement options courtesy of window tinting products. The company talks about the significant role tinted windows play in rejecting UV light as well as solar energy.

[AUSTRALIA, JUNE 23, 2014] – Tint Works, a company renowned for providing premium quality window tint products, is offering a range of products to complement window needs for homes and offices. The addition of tints to home or office windows not only adds a boost to a window’s visual aesthetics, as it brings many benefits for home and office owners as well.

While window tints are commonly misconstrued as a product for automobiles, Tint Works clarifies that these can be useful for home and office windows. Window tints add a decorative touch coupled with functionality that can greatly benefit owners.

Added privacy

According to Tint Works, tinted windows provide car and homeowners the comfort and convenience of added privacy to go about their business while at home or while travelling. The company notes, however, that there are limitations to how dark car windows can be under the law.


The car tint company adds that in the unlikely event of window breakage, the presence of window tinting prevents serious physical injuries because they collect the broken fragments of glass. While this is more common with car windows, the possibility of home or office window breakage is there as well.

Reduced glare

Tint Works understands that glares are a nuisance to night time driving, which can be quite dangerous. Too much exposure to it can be enough of a distraction to possibly cause life-threatening accidents. While glare may not be a huge concern when it comes to home windows, homes can benefit from having window tints because they can serve to lessen the amount of heat entering the home, according to the company.

Tint Work products come with warranty so that customers can be sure of quality on top of aesthetically superior products.

About Tint Works:

Tint Works is the premier provider of window tinting solutions in Western and Southern Australia. With over 80 stores, the company is the most accessible go to place for all your window-tinting needs. Tint Works is a proud member of the Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand. The company takes pride in their experienced team of specialists in providing a range of window tinting services.

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