Commonly solutions for the smoking and oil injection problems for vacuum pumps

Shanghai - The smoking and oil injection and leakage should be the usual phenomenon and problems for the rotary vacuum pump. When consumers face with this problem, most of them do not know how to better deal with these commonly phenomenon. However, people firstly need to keep the peaceful mind condition when they are facing with these badly conditions. Today, the engineer from Shanghai EVP Vacuum Technology Co., LTD which is the best China manufacturer for all sorts of pump products such as rotary vacuum pump and diffusion vacuum pump will introduce with people the better solution for these two problems.

The first problem should be smoking. If the vacuum system only occur the smoking problem within short period of time at the beginning of the operation, it should be the normal phenomenon for the running process of the pump. However, if the smoking phenomenon last a long period of time after the starting of the pump, that should be not the normal smoking. The long time smoking proves that the pipes, valves, containers and air entrance of the vacuum pump must been carefully checked and repaired. On the other hand, the leakage problems could also be the main reason for the long time smoking.

The other commonly problem should be the oil injection or leakage. The injection phenomenon tell people that there are large number of leaking points of the air intake hole and even the air intake hole totally be exposure to atmospheric. The solutions for this problem should be the following ways. First, people could shut the pump inlet of the pump and let pump run. If there is no oil leakage injection, it indicates that there should exist the leakage points. Second, people should carefully the air exhausting valve and check whether the valve has been damaged or not. If it is in the condition of damaging, people need timely replace the air exhausting valve.

However, it could not be ignored that the seriously problems could be only solved by the professional repairer otherwise the improperly repairing will easily cause into many other related problems. So, people need to estimate their own strength to do this job.

If people do not want to face with all these headache problems before, they must purchase the high quality Roots Vacuum Pumps initially. Today, there are variously vacuum pumps suppliers in the market so most of consumer does not know how to purchase the high quality pump they need. However, we recommend with people the pump manufacturer Shanghai EVP Vacuum Technology Co., LTD.

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