Is Electric Skillet Really A Big Help In Kitchen – Study Reports Reveal

California, US; 01/10/2014: The improvements in the standard of living and the modifications in the various kitchen cook-sets have gifted innovative cooking appliances to the people. The electric skillet manufacturing companies boldly claim that it is one of the best cooking aids for the people, based upon which the product has been a remarkable selling stuff in the market. The experts from the Private Survey Companies have come up together to review some of the top preferred products of the year. Interestingly, the electric skillet has found 7th rank in the list of most used Modern Electrical Kitchen Appliances. The list has been verified by the vast market survey conducted by the experts over the considerable number of subjects. 

According to the Report published by the Survey Companies, the study targeted more than 500 people as the preliminary subjects and offered them the electric skillets to test. More than 457 people found it useful in their small kitchen, while the other found it satisfactory. The positive reviews of the people have been a great aid in proving it one of the best aids for the cooks. As per the experts, the most appealing feature of skillet is its portability which enables people to take it anywhere they go. “The skillet is highly portable that makes me use it directly on the dining table”, says Catharine Paul, one of the 500 subjects of the study, “I love that it does not make mess at all, unlike other hot pot items.”. 

As per the Recorded Figures, experts have got all 500 electric skillet reviews in the positive comments. More than 45% reviews described the Efficiency as the major feature why people would like to buy it. “Skillet is highly efficient. It consumes very less power as compared to my conventional heater cookers.”, a Review from the Subject. The experts estimated that an average model of electric skillet is able to save more than 65% power units during an hour of average cooking, thus, making it free priced within a calendar year. 

Another 15% reviews described the Performance, while the other 25% mentioned the ‘Ease of Use’ as the major factor for using the electric skillet on the regular basis. On the Performance ground, experts describe that it is able to make a variety of dishes within a very less time period. Its pressure cooking technology makes food to be cooked easily. Also, the product has been designed keeping the Ergonomic Factors in mind, thus, making it highly sophisticated to be used on the table as well. 

In an interview with the Officials of the Kitchen Appliance Manufacturing Company, it was revealed that electric skillet is designed with 0.01% error probabilities. Also, the minute technicalities like Triple Teflon Coating, highly insulated body and the advanced Cross Polymer Cord to prevent risk of electric shocks are some of the hidden features that make it highly durable and efficient in cooking. 

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The electric skillet is the electrical cooking pan which has been integrated with the base stand and efficient heating rods to offer the fine household cooking appliances. The portability and the efficiency of the appliance make it excellent for regular cooking.