SILCA Renaissance

SILCA is a cycling company that specializes in manufacturing the finest bike pumps and tools in the world. It’s commitment to innovation and timeless craftsmanship set it apart from the rest of the companies in the category where hitting a certain price point and mass production are the central focus. SILCA was founded by Felice Sacchi outside of Milan, Italy in 1917. The company became an icon of the Italian manufacturing flare. Felice’s grandson Claudio took over the company in 1989 and ran it until 2013. Claudio’s health had been deteriorating for several years so he began to look for potential buyers to keep the brand alive after he passed. He made a call to the then Technical Director of Zipp, Josh Poertner and he purchased the brand and moved it to Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

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Under Josh’s guidance, the brand is once again producing innovative, highly engineered, durable, quality products that it is known for producing. The first products to enter into production were replacement parts for existing SILCA pumps. The products can be ordered on the website and are beginning to make their way to bike shops everywhere. The latest product to be released is the EOLO III CO2 Inflator, which has received rave reviews. The inflator’s design and quality solves several problems that users often experience when using an inflator. The company has recently moved into its new headquarters, which will provide the foundation for further growth, more efficient manufacturing, and will support the launch of the much-anticipated iconic SILCA floor-pump in July. 

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While the brand is experiencing a renaissance of sorts, the goal of my project is to capture this and help tell the story along the way. Another goal for this project is to give the brand an online presence that will help us share these stories. The competition in the bike pumps and tools category of the cycling industry is largely focused on price point versus durability, quality, and aesthetics. This way of thinking is opposite of the consumers of the high-end road and mountain bike category. These people spend thousands of dollars on bikes and generally appreciate the details in things. SILCA’s identity and what we strive for matches this way of thinking perfectly so my research thus far has been on the high end road and mountain markets.





When a company focuses on hitting a certain price point, other aspects of the project tend to fall by the wayside. So just what are the problems that people experience when using bike pumps? From my research thus far, durability, compatibility, and accuracy are the main problems that cyclists experience when using floor pumps. So while the average consumer might not think that 1psi too little or too much is a big deal, the fact is that this can make a very big difference on a ride. My research thus far then has been fact gathering on the current state of the category in order to illustrate how SILCA engineering is solving these problems. 


Visit SILCA’s website, Like us on Facebook , and follow us on Twitter  to learn more about what we are doing and why it can make a difference out on a ride. We hope to hear your stories and we will be sure to tell you ours. We are also in the process of creating some video content so be sure to keep checking back with us. We are getting close to the launch of the new floor pump!

Quick Facts:

  1. We haven’t changed the brands identity at all. Our focus has been on finding the finest materials and making manufacturing more efficient. The pump will still have several features on it that the old SILCA pumps have.
  2. The pump will be the most expensive on the market. And while a $300 pump isn’t for everyone, there are people out there that appreciate what a $300 pump offers. Precision, durability, and easy maintenance make this floor pump superior to others in the market.
  3. We have had a tremendous amount of success with the EOLO III. We truly believe that price isn’t the only selling point to the avid cyclist or even the primary one. Things like quality, durability, customization, size, and weight come into play with things like a C02 inflator and thus far that has proved correct.