Arteco Unveils 'Open Connector' to Streamline Integration Process and Multi-Systems Management

St. Louis, Mo., February 16, 2016 Arteco, global provider of video event management systems software solutions, announced today the release of Open Connector, a highly streamlined, interoperable platform that consolidates third-party notifications and events from various devices and systems, such as surveillance cameras, access control, alarm, building automation and traffic control systems into one easy-to-use, intuitive management platform.

The platform, which will celebrate its commercial launch at this year’s ISC West Conference and Expo in Las Vegas at booth 6097, promises an even larger range of customization and integration capabilities through its simplified, modern user interface, enabling security operations centers to better organize and empower efficient tactical responses to incidents according to mission-critical information.

Increased Customization

Open Connector allows customers to program and customize the user experience to best suit an environment’s specific applications. Layout formatting, panel dimensions, iconography, lists and maps can be edited and personalized with drag-and-drop functionality, streamlining training requirements. The solution can also link as many third-party devices and web pages as needed, making the system truly scalable for both large and small applications. Event notifications – also all customizable – are defined with specific search criteria to guarantee that important incidents identified.

Integration and Interoperability

The advanced programming behind Open Connector opens the door for unparalleled integration with more third-party technologies, delivering the signature efficiency and intuitive configuration Arteco is known for. The development of the platform was driven by the desire to eliminate the need for end-to-end proprietary solutions that are costly to manage, integrate and deploy. Open Connector is the latest of Arteco’s video security product portfolio to be ONVIF compliant, reaffirming the company’s commitment to interoperability within the changing security landscape.

Event-Driven Intelligence

“The demand for increased integration and streamlined management between multiple devices propelled the creation of Open Connector,” said Steve Birkmeier, Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Arteco. “Additionally, Arteco was driven by a strong commitment to interoperability and using close integration to allow our customers to realize new levels of security and business awareness. This platform will allow for unprecedented security insight, ease of use and cost effectiveness,, and when used alongside robust analytics solutions, the true benefits of event-driven intelligence will continue to change the nature of video security monitoring.”

Arteco is leading the charge in redefining video management software systems by carving out a category within the market, Video Event Management Software (VEMS). VEMS is the strongest technological tool on the market that supports the concept of event-driven intelligence (EDI), which changes the focus to incident-driven responses. Open Connector uses EDI to dramatically reduce the time, bandwidth and costs necessary to carry out tactical responses by increasing the efficiency of security teams.

For more information on Open Connector, please visit the Arteco website.

About Arteco

Founded in 1987, Arteco is a global provider of event-driven intelligence solutions based in Faenza, Italy, with U.S. operations in St. Louis, Mo. With a focus on ease of use and event management, Arteco’s research and development initiatives have united world-class, state-of-the-art video analytics and video management onto a single-platform to optimize processes and reduce costs. Arteco provides a wide range of software and network hardware solutions that integrate with third-party systems such as video surveillance, video management and access control. Arteco products are available through certified integrator partners around the world. For more information about Arteco’s Video Event Management Software (VEMS) solutions, please visit and follow on social media channels: LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

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