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Toronto, ON (March 31, 2014) - The parasitic insect known as a head louse feeds on human bloods and is found on people’s head, eyelashes and eyebrows. Because of their small size, it is difficult to notice them on time before they spread all over the scalp. Although these little insects do not fly or jump, they can be real scourge for the affected families, as they quickly spread from one individual to another.


Head lice usually affect girls initially, as their long hair prevents early detection of the problem. They start to breed quickly and affect other family members and close friends with whom they play. The result is scores of people suffering from this unpleasant affliction.


Fortunately, Nit Works Company, which operates multiple Head Lice Clinics, offers efficient and fast lice treatment and removal, done by professionals who make use of chemical free enzyme to combat the problem. They guarantee that their services are 100% effective and people will get rid of all the lice at the end of the treatment. In addition, patients can take advantage of their extensive lice knowledge and their advices regarding lice prevention.


The company offers private rooms in some of its head lice removal clinics in Toronto, where all children feel as comfortable as at home regardless of their age. During the stay in the clinic, they can enjoy their favorite movies and games, while the friendly health care professionals take care of the head lice treatment. They use only safe and non-toxic products to kill lice and nits, so the parents can rest assured that their children are in the best hands.


Apart from clinic treatment, Nit Works Company offers other services available for Toronto region. The health care experts from Nit Works provide also home visits, school visits, camp visits, and lice education seminars. Many of the company products can be used at home for patients that would prefer to treat their head lice problem at the comfort of their houses.


Clients can make appointments for art salons head lice checks and eventually head lice treatment and removal. People often choose this option because of the private treatment areas provided in salons along with bright lighting and professional chairs. The whole family may take advantage of lice prevention products which are all natural and safe to use.


Salons feather wonderful “kid friendly” places, where well-trained staff will take care of the little patients. Clients are happy that the treatment is efficient and convenient and no mess is made at their houses.


People who have a head lice issue or would like to learn more on head lice prevention can check out their web site


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Nit Works ( is a chain of head lice clinics that operate in the territory of Toronto and surrounding areas. Their professional and experienced staff makes use of non-toxic natural products to help their patients get rid of lice quickly and effectively. They provide an array of services that are tailored to the individual preferences and convenience.



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