Lionheart Contracting offers free hail damage roof inspections in the Kansas City Area

Hail Storm Damage Can Be Costly for homeowners if left untreated says Lionheart Contracting. In response to the recent hail storm that hit Kansas City, which showed how damaging these weather disturbances can be, Lionheart Contracting, who has over 30 years combined experience, provides an honest and reliable roofing and insulation service for commercial and residential clients, Lionheart has warned of potential hail damage that may have been caused to roofs in the Kansas City area. As a result of potential damage, Lionheart offers free roof inspections to evaluate any damage to avoid large and costly roofing repair bills.


The team from Lionheart Contracting (, can inspect any type of roof, whether it is on a commercial or residential property. The roofing specialists will inspect the roof to check for any damage that may have been caused to help homeowners and business owners save money in the long term. The expert roofing inspectors will give the property owner a detailed report if any damage has been caused by the recent hailstorm.


One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make after hailstorm damage is not having their roofs properly inspected. Some homeowners look from below to see if they can see any potential damage, however without a proper examination, what could start off as a small repair could result in a large repair bill if proper action is not taken.


A spokesman for Lionheart Contracting said: “It is important after any hail storm that homeowners have their roofs inspected for potential hail damage. Any damage that has been caused by the hail storm and is left untreated could turn from a minor problem, to a huge and expensive repair.”


Homeowners that have suffered from hail storm damage and would like a free hail damage inspection can contact Lionheart Contracting on 816-866-7090 or visit


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