Portland Chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Robinson D. C., Helps Locals Get Chronic Pain Relief

Portland OR, 22-MARCH-2014 - ProHealth Chiropractic and Portland chiropractic professional, Dr. Jeff Robinson, DC are pleased to announce solutions for the type of chronic pain that affects millions of Americans each year. The pain can be from nerves, muscles or from skeletal problems. Often the pain in the first two locations is due to issues with the vertebral system. Chiropractic medicine addresses spinal column problems first which is the base for overall relief from pain.

Dr. Jeff Robinson DC, spoke recently about chiropractic techniques. "The systems of the body are all interconnected. When the spine is properly aligned, it will not be applying pressure upon nerve roots and muscles. Disc compression and subsequent bulging can create a wide range of painful symptoms. The problem is not the pain in the nerves and muscle tissue, it is the subluxations in the vertebral column."

"Our initial examination explores the spinal column through a physical assessment and through digital studies if needed" he continues. "When we have a full understanding of the problems causing the pain, we are able to create a customized solution for the patient. Typically the regimen begins with techniques to relieve the acute pain level. Where the cause is spinal alignment issues, adjustments to reduce misalignments is the first step. This may be accompanied by massage and other techniques."

The care plan will typically require multiple sessions to realign the spinal column. As improvement is seen, the sessions can be less frequent. More emphasis can be given to other helpful measures which improve health. These require proactive steps by the patient. More exercise, better nutrition and less stress are just a few of the ideas that may be appropriate for a particular patient.

Learn more information about effective and non-pharmaceutical pain relief by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and individuals who have further queries regarding chiropractic therapy and the contents of this press release are urged to contact Dr. Robinson at the location presented below.

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