The Win of Link Earning Over Link Building

There is the entry of new link earning stratagems and the exit of the link building which has many drawbacks in it, thereby helping website owners to get better trafficking.

We will talk a bit about how Google is handling web spam and how the company’s algorithms are changing. This year has been very active for the Google web spam tem and this is because of its main focus on linking with Penguin. Article marketing and directories too were hit in the early part of the year. Through all these actions which Google is taking up, the statement is clear- stop link building and start link earning. If the SEO professionals are merely using traditional ways of building links, Google will not count them and will not want them to have the links as well. On the other hand, they will start penalizing such users with filters like Penguin.

This is nothing but a rebirth of the link earning methods of the Web. This dates back to the 90s when the search engines were new along with the link building for the purpose of SEO during which the link earning rather than link building was better to get web traffic. This was because the search was brining valuable things.

Google has started to get sophisticated with all its methods and thus, from the past one to one and a half years, it is using the Penguin filter.  9 months back, Google also updated it to make it more diligent and this has set people to start thinking better about their websites and the methods they are using to get links. They have put all the links into potential danger by scrutinizing these links and putting the website into trouble.

There is also the link exchanging which happens and the reciprocal links which can be used. This is nothing but a new version of partnerships between two firms where they exchange links back and forth and this is done legally as well. They do not manipulate to get these links in their website.

Buying links again is another thing which we should have avoided and stopped a long time back but this happened and clicked well for people as well. This is a practical method only if the person has the high quality content which people would want to share. It works only then. While article directories were not working all that well, the filters in Penguin made the possibility much more. These too like the buying of links worked for a while.

Thus, we can say that the website owners have to be very choosy about what is posted on the pages by them as well as the users. This is a contrast to the websites which willingly accept all content from the users and this is not very healthy. We cannot say that the link building methods are completely out dated but it’s just that Google wants to remove these methods and bring in quality methods of earning through renewal.


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