Roaring Fork Conservancy Offers Voters’ Guide to Water Issues

October 6, 2014 (Basalt, CO)— In an effort to help educate local voters about current water matters, Roaring Fork Conservancy (RFC) has released the third edition of the Voter’s Guide to Water Issues in the Roaring Fork Watershed. RFC asked candidates to respond to two water-related questions and their unedited responses are published in the Voter’s Guide as they were submitted. “Knowledgeable elected officials help us protect our vital water resources. With the upcoming election, we wanted to give citizens an opportunity to hear from candidates not only on local water issues, but also their proposed solutions,” said Rick Lofaro, Executive Director of RFC.

The Voter’s Guide can be found online at the RFC website,, or in print throughout the Roaring Fork Valley in public libraries and coffee shops. “We encourage you to vote, whether by mail, or at a polling place on November 6th,” said Lofaro. “Your voice is instrumental in helping us protect our rivers.”

Candidates from the following races responded to the questions: Eagle, Garfield and Pitkin County Commissioners; U.S. House Districts 2 and 3; Colorado House District 26, 57 and 61; Senate District 5; Colorado Governor; and Colorado U.S. Senator. Candidates that are not included in the guide did not submit their comments after RFC staff made several attempts to contact them through various forms of communication.

Roaring Fork Conservancy is one of the most respected watershed action and education organizations in Colorado. We continually strive to fulfill our mission by inspiring people to explore, value and protect the Roaring Fork Watershed. Since 1996, we have found new ways to bring people together to protect our rivers by making scientific research and local water issues accessible to both children and adults. RFC is an independent, not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization.  For more information, please visit

Contact: Heather Lewin, Watershed Action Director, (970) 927-1290