Airwheel S Series Personal Transporter Razor Scooters Electric will Bring Us The Most Loyal Friends.

12, August 2016: In modern cities, young people generally work in the cities with their families far away. The lonely city life makes young people need close friends for themselves. Yet in modern city life, a genuine friendship is rare and valuable. However, Airwheel has brought us the most loyal friends.

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Airwheel S3 two-wheeled self-balancing scooter was ever hailed as the ultimate in the design. Therefore, Airwheel S3 was the hit electric scooter, popular with most of young people. However, it takes up a large space. In its subsequent model, Airwheel S52-wheeled electric scooter, Airwheel made a stride change in the ability to save space. The adjustable and foldable shaft is effective in saving space. The space-saving S5 can be put into the boot and the workplace. The foldable aluminium alloy control shaft saves the space for storing your Airwheel S5. And Airwheel S6 sitting posture self-balancing scooter is designed in a small structure to give you an elegant riding posture.


The strong performances of Airwheel S series come from the top-quality vehicle units inside it. For guaranteeing a long range, Airwheel chooses branded battery cores as the power bank. These battery cores have an equipment lifespan as long 2.8 times as that of ordinary cores. The intelligent CPU powering the built-in operating system enables the vehicle to response to your action in 0.03 second. No matter the 16-inch hubs in S5, the 8-inch hubs in S6 or the 10-inch hubs in S8 saddle-equipped electric scooter, they will make your riding as stable as possible.


The futuristic ideas of Airwheel self-balancing two wheels scooters offer you free ride experiences in your city life. Though with such strong performances, the Airwheel S series is still a small-sized transport vehicle, which can be rode on the sidewalks.


You are free from the traffic jam. For leisure time, you are able to ride your Airwheel S series in any road conditions: unsurfaced roads, bump roads, mud roads and even stairs. Definitely, you city life will be much enjoyable and convenient with Airwheel two wheel self-balancing electric scooters.

So, just ride your Airwheel2 wheel electric scooter and conquer your boring and lonely life in cities.

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