China's Wanda Group begin to promote their resource integrating strategy

China - During recent years, the development of hotel business of Wanda Group has becoming faster and faster. From the point of view of 2012 financial statements of Wanda group, the revenue of the hotel management company of Wanda Group has already reached at 2.804 billion RMB which get the increasing of 76.2%. The new work report of Wanda Group in the first half of 2013 has shown that the Wanda hotel business revenue reached to 1.59 billion RMB that get the increasing of 32.7%.

MR Mo, vice president Wanda Beijing Cultural Industry Group Co., Ltd ( )told reporters that Wanda group has added a new business for travel agency, which the most important task is to integrate Wanda Group's various tourist resources. Wanda Group has also pledged that they also want to integrate a variety of resource elements such as performing arts, film technology, indoor and outdoor play, Hall of Fame Museum, commercial brand and the hotel brand.

In this integrated process, the important but little profit travel agency business should be not the main future profit contribution to Wanda cultural business. In the near future, the core profit point of the Wanda Cultural Business must be the cultural tourism, hotel and other projects. Wanda Tourism has wantonly incorporated regional agencies and built Showmanship platform in several cities and regions where have many tourist sources and Wanda tourism projects. Among all tourism resources that have been integrated by Wanda Cultural, the hotel business should be one of the essential parts.

In the first half of this year, Wanda Group has successful finished their investment in the Wanda construction of five-star Wanda hotel in London, the amount of investment of this project in London was nearly ¡ê 700 million. It has been estimated that the construction area of ??Wanda Group¡¯s hotel in London will reach to 105,000 square meters. Expected by the end of 2014, the number of the Wanda hotels around the world will be increased to 68. Furthermore, at the current pace of development, the Wanda hotels around the world opened in 2015 will be more than 80 and this number will be replace by 200 after decade.

The future resource integration will highly enhance the overall strength and reputation of Wanda Group around the world. Their experienced service in cinema industry, hotel, cultural tourism and other area will make highly contribution to people all over the world. After this integration action, Wanda Group will also have other big plan in the future.

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