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In the current scenario news have become an integral part of people’s life. Every morning readers waits with eagerness to have the view of news. This has made Top newspaper in Bangla publication very famous. Moreover, people who are born and brought up in one country and has moved to a different one for the purpose of education or job wants to have a glimpse of his/her native place and this is done through the help of the newspaper only. Dish bodies are one such newspaper which is dedicated to the news who are Bengali. Probashi news can be found here. People who have left Bangladesh due to any reason can get the news of their native place through the help of this newspaper. Moreover it caters to the Bangla news and provides updates from all corners of the world. UK Bangla news, American Bangla news all can be spotted here. The online publication has provided a lot of flexibility to the readers.

News ranging from every corner of the world
The online publication is very beneficial as people staying in any corner of the world can grasp the news with ease and flexibility. Moreover people who are far away from their native place can go through the cultural news. For example, one who wishes to know the Kolkata news sitting in America can do it from the online publication of the Deshe Bideshe. The online page is well drafted and readers can get a comprehensive coverage of all the news that suits their taste and preferences. Not only the cultural news but the newspaper covers politics, entertainment, sports etc. it is the voice of the Bengali community and it has been serving the people for a long time. Moreover with the passage of time the technology has given Deshe bideshe more scope. Now with the development of mobile version it has provided more flexibility to the readers. Now with the click of a button the reader can have the news at their fingertips.

Effectiveness of online publication
This is a big landmark for the Bengali speaking people around the globe. Through it Bengali speaking people get the familiarity and therefore Most popular Bangla newspaper have become very popular on all hands. It caters to the Bengali community and since its foundation in 1991 it has come a long way. It has provided news and step by step updated the base and has moved with them. This is why it has become popular among the masses. The news are provided after extensive research and analysis therefore the news are of high quality and standard. The major benefit comes from the online publication since there is no time bar and one can easily refer to the news at some point of time. The search option can take the reader to the exact section which needs to be referred. In short it is the bridge between Bangladeshi expatriates and their culture.

Deshebideshe is a Bengali news portal for Bangladesh news and all worldwide Bangla news. Global voice of the Bengali community

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